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The Church of What’s Happening Now: New Art, New Artists

ARTstor Travel Awards 2010

Five research travel awards in the amount of $1,500 each
While the digital age is opening up new approaches and techniques for using images of the world’s cultural heritage as evidence in teaching and scholarship, there is no substitute for engagement with original works and sites, for research in archives that hold primary source material, or [...]

Body Language @ Ave. 50 Studio, Los Angeles

Thinking Black Intellectuals in Rochester

(I’ll be there; I don’t know why this delights me but I’ve never been able to walk from home to an academic conference before!)
On Friday, February 5 and Saturday, February 6, 2010, University of Rochester’s Frederick Douglass Institute for African & African-American Studies will hold a conference entitled “Thinking Black Intellectuals” featuring some of today’s [...]’s biggest traffic day ever

Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal’ Cells
Since yesterday afternoon, this one story has generated 4 million pageviews and 3 million uniques.
To put that in perspective, the entire site received just over 8 million uniques in all of 2009.

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  • CARLAGIRL PHOTO was founded on 14 February 1999 by Carla Willliams, a photographer, writer, and editor, born, raised and heading back to (yea!) Los Angeles, California.

    It was established with two goals: to be able to make my own work widely available for free, and to make accessible my research about artists of the African Diaspora, especially photographers, and in particular women. As it developed it grew to also include GLBTQ artists.

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    • Taking a Break February 15, 2012
      Site visitors will probably notice that I haven’t updated here frequently. I am taking a break from my site(s) for at least the summer. I’ve been working in this field for 25 years and I’m burned out on photography and art, the site(s) are in need of major updates/ revamping/ retooling, social media is exhausting, [...] […]
    • A New Mission for Aperture? February 15, 2012
    • Mambu Badu’s Inaugural Magazine February 15, 2012
      Danielle was briefly a contributor to this site; I am very excited to hear about her latest venture, the collective and now journal Mambu Badu “that seek to find, expose, and nurture emerging female photographers of African descent.”  Congrats, Danielle! As you may (or may not) know, last fall, I co-founded Mambu Badu, a photography collective […]

  • "Dedicated to the real photographers of the world—to those who, with their second-hand equipment and their makeshift darkrooms, are today fighting their solitary battles with their recalcitrant medium, not for money or for glory, but because they would rather make pictures than anything else in the world." - William Mortensen
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