What if there were no more art galleries?

6×6 – An Art Version of a Music Festival

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 11.54.29 PMABOUT THIS PROJECT

What is 6×6?

Beginning on September 8, 2011, our roaming gallery Baang and Burne Contemporary will present 6×6, (six by six) a series of six, back to back, one week only art exhibitions in New York City. 6×6 was created by artists, for artists.

Essentially 6×6, is the art equivalent of a music festival, highlighting a line-up of twelve international artists, plus a host of events for art buyers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs.

To read more and to support this project at Kickstarter (deadline August 6), go here. I’m really interested in the questions—and solutions—that Kesha and Charlie are exploring with this project, so please support them!

(I can see this summer that I need to update this page so that I can embed iframe widgets.)

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